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Therasauna Full Spectrum 1 Person model TS4746
Full spectrum/ Isolate spectrum
The most expensive solid ceramic emitter. Construction is uses 3/4 inch thick Aspen wood. Warms up in 6 minutes. Their far infrared isolate mode is super intense but not as hot. This is as high end as I have found in saunas. The temperature can be set so the heaters stay on the entire time and give off FIR 100% of the time.
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High Tech Health - 2 Person
​The HighTech sauna is my pick for the hight end rod saunas. Made with heavy poplar wood, one of the most expensive of all woods. Has a quiet ventilation fan on top. The metal sheets behind their ceramic rod heaters gives it super fluency. Their stainless steel sheets behind their heaters give this sauna a very unique feel. This is one of my favorite saunas I have reviewed in poplar wood with ceramic rods. 
Full Spectrum Ceramic
Jade Combo - 1 Person
Goes to 195 degrees. The 4 infrared lamps are on top. The jade underneath gets warm. Felt like a BioMat on steroids. Best way I can describe this sauna. The intensity of the fluence is more than most people can handle, especially if going over 140 degrees. Gives off a lot of near infrared. Feels more like a traditional sauna.
JADE Far Infrared
This is a super intense sauna with far infrared heaters as well as a stone Finish sauna. This company has been around since 1987. One of the pioneers. They have an air filter filtering out air in the vent and has no filler woods, such as plywoods or glues. Commercially constructed. These are in the same tier as Therasauna and HighTech saunas a fas as high end.
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Heavenly Heat - HIGH TECH - Therasauna - SAUNACORE - HealthMate - Finnleo Saunas - Better Life - Vital Saunas - BIOMATS
Medium fluence ROD
High Fluence Ceramic /Carbon
Vital Saunas Full Spectrum 2
This is one of the highest fluence Japanese heater saunas. This has a similar feel as the Smarty sauna which also has the Japanese style heaters. This will make me sweat like a pig and for shorter sweat sessions it is one of my favorites. Very High fluence, very intense. Lots of heaters. Wood is non-fumigated. Vital Saunas is also known for their Canadian wood, not Chinese wood. 
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High Fluence Carbon

How to choose
Dont but without reading this first
Ceramic VS Carbon
The most important decision on this site.
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Low EMF Saunas
JADE Saunas
​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod
Learn the difference between each infrared sauna before you buy.

I have found that the easiest way to conceptualize this product industry is by breaking it down into a tiered rating system. 

About 70% of customers end up purchasing a sauna from Tier 2 level. The rest choose a Tier 1 or Tier 3. Tier 2 is composed of companies that use very confusing marketing for their brands. The reason is because 90% of those brands in this tier are actually “Re-brands” coming from the same 4 manufacturers in China. So these brands are almost identical to one another and so each company just makes up claims and marketing hype to appear different than their competition. 

For this reason I have divided up Tier 2 into two sub levels, A and B. The lower the tier the more drawbacks it has versus benefits. So Tier 2B would have maybe a limited warranty for example versus a Brand from Tier 2A.

Rating System based off the following:
Warranty, Grade of Wood, Wood Type, How Clean the Construction (off gassing chemicals), Emissivity rating/fluence rating of the emitters for infrared output, Generation of Emitters, EMF level, Warm up time, Cold Spots/Draftiness, and Customer Service. If you want specific information on each brand and how it rates on each of these categories please ask. 

Tier 1:
A --SaunaCore, Therasauna  (These have the most intense far infrared output emmissions)
B --Hi Tech, Heavenly Heat, HealthMate

Tier 2:
A --Vital Saunas, Finnleo, HeatWave Saunas
B --Sun Saunas, Aqualine Saunas

Tier 3:
Better Life Saunas, Celebration Saunas, Dynamic, Radiant Saunas, Therapuresauna, Soozier, JNH Lifestyles,
(90% of saunas are re-brands from same four manufacturers in China and most saunas fall into this Tier)

NOTE: I tell people 98% of the health benefits of being in a sauna are not related to sweating.

I am of course happy to consult with you by phone, email, or text to help find the best brand and model for your unique set of needs. Please look to us to be the one stop solution to figuring out how to choose the right sauna without getting a headache in the process.

Please know that we always seek to have the best sale price out there.
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The Healthmate half sauna is one of the newest saunas I promote for people that do not want to heat their core body temperature up too quickly and want to be closed in. By heating the core up slower allows for longer sessions for those that have a low heat intolerance. This is becoming very popular for those that want to be on their computer or want to multitask. See my Review.
High wattage Carbon
HealthMate Renew Mate 1 Person
The Healthmate Renew Mat 1 sauna is the most popular carbon sauna that is 100% carbon based. This is built in the USA. The wood they use is very high quality, on par with the Therasauna. The heaters give a very intense heat, much higher than the Vital Sauna. Even though they are both carbon, the higher wattage really makes a difference.

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Ceramic - Standard Spectrum
Heaters need to be higher fluence as side heaters are further apart in larger saunas
HealthMate Renew II - 2 Person
The Healthmate Renew 2 person sauna is the model by Healthmate that most people ask about. This sauna has probably the most penetrating feel of all the carbon saunas I have tested. This is not a Full spectrum sauna but for far infrared it was very intense. I'd say the model that is on par as far as infrared intensity is the standard non full spectrum Vital saunas
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TheraSauna Classic TC3636
1 person model
Some people have a problem with this one and some don't. This is actually my best selling sauna for those that are used to a traditional sauna. You can't sit in one place for more than 2 minutes as the heaters are at 550 degrees the entire time but the room sauna gets over 145 degrees even on all day. No front heaters like their aspen wood model TS4746
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TheraSauna Persona TSP3737
The new TheraSauna TSP3737 is the latest Therasauna 1 person model. It is smaller than the 4746 model that has 8 heaters. This has 6 heaters unlike their 5753 model that has 8 heaters. This sauna is a 1 person sauna, not a 1 to 2 person sauna like the 4746 model. 
This sauna retails for 2495 free shipping to the lower 48 states.
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Full Spectrum Ceramic
This is a moderately intense sauna with the Japanese style heaters. Many people want to stay in their sauna a long time. This is the sauna that I can stay in way longer than the other corners. I can't say its the best sauna on the market. It's a few steps above the Better Life sauna and slightly higher priced but affordable. It really depends on what the main reason the sauna is being used for.
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ULTRA High fluence concave
Ceramic - Standard Spectrum
TheraSauna TS6439
This Therasauna corner model has the same heaters as the classic corner but the heat can be controlled instead of just set to high the whole time on full blast. Many people can't handle a traditional sauna but want a full spectrum sauna that can be turned down very low. With the Thersasauna with the variable control the sauna can stay at the same temperature the whole time.
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Full Spectrum Ceramic
High Fluence Ceramic
HealthMate Corner Classic
The Healthmate Corner classic model has a super high fluence, way more than their smaller models. The entensity is on par with their carbon saunas. The feel is somewhat similar to the Therasauna but has more fluence. I don't feel the urge to move around as much when my body feels like a rotisserie chicken from a Therasauna. The Healthmate was the original sauna from way back in the 90s and has the original technology. See Review Here
Therasage Tent Sauna
I have tested many tent styles and this is the brand that had the most fluence of all the brands and felt
the best to me. This was also the lowest EMF tent sauna I've found.
Read more about tents here.
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Carbon Panel Far Infrared
Head out Saunas 
72 Hour sauna detox
Do not try this unless you know what you are doing!
New Sauna Buyers Guide
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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Richway Biomat Professional
This is a mat that has a carbon panel lined up under amethyst crystals. Instead of having the carbon panel on the wall, it is sandwiched in between the mat. The panel is closer to the body and the far infrared doesn't have to travel as far. Our new site is We have a beginner to advanced protocol website that helps people on what to do once they get the Biomat. It is all about release and remove. Many people try to do lipolysis and don't heat their core first and do lymphatic exercise (rebounding) and did not do the first step first. See my Biomat page here.

Full Spectrum Ceramic

Saunacore Infrared Infracore MAX SDTX4-4X4 and HORIZON MODELS

This is the most surround far infrared sauna I've ever been in. It feels the most intense at the lowest temperatures. This is a serious detox sauna and costs almost twice the price of a Therasauna (retail price). This has about twice the concenrated far infrared even of the Therasauna based on my reviews. I use this sauna now and have retired my Therasauna after one session in the Saunacore. This retails for $12,500 (Their 4x6 size retails for $14000. I have discounted rates and throw in free EWOT and Vibration machines in return for reviews for those that buy this sauna from me.
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Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Update: We no longer promote saunas made or imported from China.
We have now compared the Saunacore Horizon Econo sauna to the Therasauna 5753. This sauna is now our highest ranked detox sauna we have compared to the Therasauna. This sauna is probably 3 times as intense as the Therasauna 5753 we compared it to. It has 6 black ceramic infracore medical grade emitters. (the same heaters on their 14,000 model). This is made of Canadian Cedar (not Chinese import Cedar). This sauna costs $5200.

Note: this is strictly a detox sauna only. No sauna does as heavy lipolysis of the subcutaneous fat like this one does. I strongly urge people who buy this sauna to have a rebounder or vibration machine to use afterwards to "remove" the fat soluble fat that was "released".

Special Limited Time Offer.
20% off $5200 - Get this sauna for $4160 to any of the lower 48 states.
Free shipping to the lower 48 states.