Questions to know the answers to before buying an infrared sauna:
The answers will vary from sauna to sauna.

What is the EMF of the sauna (many people test it from 3 inches away. Know what it actually is right next to the heater, not after it is dissipated.

Know the FIR spectrum. It goes from 7 to 14 microns. Is it closer to 10 microns or does it go up to 14. I know the range of the far infrared spectrum is 7 to 14 but that doesn't tell me anything. I want to know what the median range is for that particular sauna before I buy it.

What is the temperature the sauna is at when the sauna is on high after 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Some claim 110 degrees but when I asked them what is the temperature of the sauna after 20 and 30 minutes they couldn't tell me. All they knew is that at one point in time in the sauna when the heaters were at its max temperature the temperature was 110 degrees. This is not fair to me. Any sauna can be at 110 degrees and not get higher if its no turned on long enough. I need straight answers. I can't stand general answers.

I wanna know the fluence of the sauna. This is more of something I can feel and more subjective. Find out if the sauna has a high or lower fluence. Many people can't just go and try every infrared sauna so if there is a person who has tried just about each and every one who can with their eyes closes tell you which brand they are in by the way the heat feels.

Ask how the heaters are placed. Some are behind the wood and others have the carbon heater elements exposed. The heaters behind the wood, the wood does not absorb the heat or block it in any way. Some people prefer the heaters behind the wood and the other percentage prefers them exposed.

Ask if you can return it if you don't like the quality. If they say no, I would never buy from someone without a return policy. Every store I shop at lets me return something. If I go to a restaurant and I don't like the dish, I return it and there is no problem. They shouldn't want me to keep something i am not happy with. Thats not an energy exchange. They profited from something which is there energy exchange and I am stuck with a product I don't want. There was no equal exchange. If someone returns a sauna there is always something waiting to buy a used or demo on a good sauna. The most common reason people return saunas or even send them back without opening them up is because the husband or wife bought it without the others approval. Usually its the wife that buys something and the husband calls up and wants to ship it back.

​These are the main questions to ask. There are other questions you can ask but if they don't know the answers to these, such as the EMF output, which seems to be the most feared question of all for companies that are still selling the 2nd and 3rd Generation sauna, seems they get an attitude with me like I am trying to say their sauna is crap. All I want to know is if the sauna has an EMF higher than 3 milli gauss so I know if its one of the newer type saunas and all the sudden they start asking me questions like, "who am I, which sauna company was I talking to, and they try to educate me asking if I put a cellphone up to my ear or use a computer and try to say there is EMF everywhere. Can they just freakin answer my question. What is the freakin EMF output of their heaters. It's a number I'm looking for. Not get redirected in a 20 minute conversation to calm me down so I am not scared of EMF.

Note: if looking for a far infrared sauna, most saunas are mid and near infrared with only far infrared when the temperature stays under 120 degrees until it reaches the average 140 to 170 degrees. The only saunas I have tested that I approve of that can stay under 120 degrees without clicking on and off are the Therasauna and Saunacore. I am not talking about heaters getting really hot and cutting off 50% of the time making the room stay under 140 degrees. I am talking about having the heaters stay on the entire time and not heat the room over the far infrared isolate range. The Therasauna has a computerized controller while the Saunacore has a fan system built in a dual wall sauna. Those that are not looking for heavy lipolysis do not need to pay so much for these two brands. I recommend for people not doing heavy lipolyss the Vital sauna which is the most affordable carbon. For those that want a deeper lipolysis but don't want to spend 8 to 10 grand for a sauna (Saunacore), Jacuzzi makes the best combo sauna that their ceramic that stays the same temperature as the carbon has a high far infrared emission, way higher than any carbon sauna. 

See my page on Sauna Generations where I talk about EMF. Go to the Generations of Saunas page here.
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What each sauna feels like:
All of this means nothing if someone can't try it first or at least know someone who can describe the differences between different infrared saunas.
Almost everyone I talked to said their saunas was the best and how carbon was better than rods. And Rod heaters are better than carbon. I went to trade shows around the country,brought my gym bag with a change of clothes. I tried nearly every infrared sauna. I took notes while in there. I didn't just go in for 10 minutes like most people do at a show. I went for a full session. Everyone always has a favorite that has experienced different saunas. Most people don't have this luxury to try them all.

So, on this page, I will do my best to explain the differences between saunas while not from a selling point of view. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. Its my blog. My site. My opinions. See the differences here.
Everyone is asking for discounts. The only way I give discounts is if someone makes a video review on their sauna or is friends with their health practitioner and gets them to buy for them. It is so funny everyone is calling around to price shop. If anyone has a chiropractor and they will give you a courtesy of helping you get a better price on any sauna brand you want, its as simple as that. I am finally putting this message on my site as I am tired of people not being able to afford the sauna they want and have to end up getting a cheaper one that costs less than the one they wanted while if someone takes the right steps to get the health practitioners price on a new sauna they want or is willing to do a video review to help me out so I can add the videos to my site so I can get more traffic, that is what I am willing to do. Everyone expects a discount and is not willing to do anything in return. Its a lot of stress to run this business and am not going to discount unless someone does me a favor in return. Yes, I get saunas cheaper than anyone. I even get volume discounts because I sell so many. Yes. I am that person you want to know.

My sauna quiz questions are designed to help you pick out the sauna based on the answers you choose. My goal is to pick out a sauna I think you would like best as if you had the chance to try each and every sauna before you bought. There is no hidden agenda built into the questions. It is only based on the answers you select.

I am in contact with many of the sauna manufactures in the USA and Canada and will recommend a sauna brand and also tell you why I recommended that one based on your answers. Feel free to take the quiz twice if 2 or more people will be using it. I will contact you back personally and give you the results from your quiz.
How many times a week do you deliberately try to sweat?
Is your sweat odorless? 
Do you wear deodorant to suppress sweat?
Do you sweat when their is no heat?
Do you have chronic pain that restricts you in any way?
Do you get bitten a lot from mosquitos in the summer heat?
Are you going in the sauna sedentary or after exercising?
Do you have a lot of fat under your skin?
What color is your urine?
Where do you sweat the most during working out?
Do you sweat heavily during normal exercise?
Sweat times- Do you get long dampening before you sweat or do you just start sweating?
How is the air circulation in your house?
Is the sauna the only thing you are using?
How long or short do you want your sessions?
What is the main reason you want an infrared sauna?
What type of sauna are you comparing?
Do you have concerns over EMF output?
Have you ever been in an infrared sauna?
How long have you been trying to compare saunas?
Do you have interest in SWAT Saunas (Sauna With Oxygen Therapy?
Which type of price range do you need to stay in?
Are you a health professional?
I usually will respond to your email within 45 minutes during my break. I will review your answers and email you back.  I will try to call people back if requested or if I need more information than the quiz to recommend the right sauna.
When do you need a sauna?
If you are someone trying to sell me something, do not contact me.
If you are sincerely looking for help choosing an infrared sauna and there is a question you have that I have not answered on my website, please ask me below and I will try to answer it. I will call you if my answer requires me calling you, I will.

I can only help you pick out a sauna based on the answers you choose. It is not my job to recommend a sauna just because its the one I use or that I like it.

What else should I know about you in order to give you the most accurate recommendation
Are you friends with my ex-partner?
Do you have ADHD like me?
Does your dog lick you?
Read the 10 questions I ask so I don't get duped.
1. What is the EMF rating of your sauna. I don't just wanna hear that its low.

2. Where are the sauna components from, not just where its made.

3. What is the total surface area of the heaters and wattage of each heater.

4. What grade of wood is it. Yes, I mean the grade of it. Not just what type of wood it is. Does my wood have any flaws. ASk them to open you sauna up and check.

5. How heavy is your sauna. Some prefabs are heavier and some are lighter. I would ask them to weigh your sauna to get the exact weight before shipping it.
6. What is the thickness of the wood panels?

7. Who pays the shipping on the warranty claims? To and from shipping. I would always get this in writing.

8. Who processes the payment? Is it the manufacture or the distributor or someone's pay pal account that can be canceled anytime.

9. Am I allowed to get a health professionals discount or get a lower price if my sauna is bought through my chiropractor.

10. What is the wattage of each heater and what is the size of that heater.

Low EMF Saunas
JADE Saunas
​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
Get discounts for taking the quiz before you call. Please call after 15 minutes after you take the quiz. Please refer to my rules of my site on my home page before you call and I will offer my standard discounted pricing. I will not discount saunas for those that do not follow my rules. My discounts that I have the privilege to offer are only available for those that take my quiz first and call 15 minutes afterwards.
How to choose
Dont but without reading this first
Ceramic VS Carbon
The most important decision on this site.
Read Here
​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod
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